President Ilham Aliyev launched new installations in the Ethylene and Polyethylene Plant in Sumgayit

President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev has attended a ceremony to launch new installations in the Ethylene and Polyethylene Plant of \"Azerkimya\" Production Union in Sumgayit. National leader Heydar Aliyev had historical contributions to the establishment of this plant. The plant was created in 1994 on the basis of “EP-300” and “Polimer-120” installations. The nitrogen–oxygen complex was commissioned here in 2013. The head of state was informed about the new installation, which will clear liquefied gases from sulfur compounds. The annual project capacity of the facility is 87,600 tons. It was noted that one of the new installations in the plant, which was put into operation, is absolute isopropyl alcohol sector. National leader Heydar Aliyev attended the groundbreaking ceremony of this complex in 1999, and inaugurated it in 2001. The head of state then met with the staff of the facility. President Ilham Aliyev said: - My greetings to all of you! It is a momentous day in the city of Sumgayit today – new installations are being put into operation. At the same time, I want to congratulate chemists on the anniversary. This year we celebrate the 70th anniversary of the chemical industry. Chemical industry has very long traditions and a great history. Today, the chemical industry embarks on a new period. It is a period of modern and new technologies. I am very glad that the work done in this area in recent years meets the highest standards. Sumgayit was also founded as a city of chemists. Today, Sumgayit has turned into a major industrial center of Azerbaijan. New enterprises and strong industrial potential are emerging in Sumgayit. Jobs are being created. I attended the opening of a new factory and the groundbreaking ceremony of another large factory today. Both plants are of great importance for the development of Azerbaijan’s industrial potential. The “SOCAR Polymer” plant will receive investments in the amount of $750 million, which, in turn, will lead to the creation of new jobs and new industrial sites. This is a very large investment project, and I am confident that it will be implemented on time. Thus, Azerbaijan will take another important step for the development of powerful industrial potential. At the same time, we celebrated the opening of a hydro-technical equipment plant today. All this work is carried out in the Sumgayit Chemical Industry Park. We started creating the Sumgayit Chemical Industry Park on my order a few years ago. Today, we already see the first results of this work. I am sure that in a few years the Sumgayit Chemical Industry Park will work at full capacity. The area of the park has been cleared. The first enterprises are already emerging. In the coming years, billions of dollars will be invested here both from domestic and foreign sources. There are already plans invest more than $1 billion, which is evidence of the overall development of our country. Both foreign and local investors have confidence in the future of our country. They believe that Azerbaijan will continue to follow the path of development. Chemical industry, advanced technology and the development of the non-oil sector – these are the main driving forces of the country\'s economy. The country’s economy primarily depends on industrial production, and I am pleased that the modern plants created in Azerbaijan today meet the highest standards. This is our policy. We have a strong will to carry out the policy of industrialization. At the same time, the current and future conditions will benefit private companies, as we will export finished products, not raw materials. We will create ample opportunities for small and medium-sized businesses. The products we used to import will be produced in Azerbaijan, and we plan to implement a major plan of action to do this. First of all, Azerbaijan has a positive investment climate. On the other hand, public funds are invested and the private sector is actively involved in this work. At the same time, we must seriously fight all negative phenomena. Enterprise development is the main condition for the overall development of Azerbaijan. Therefore, entrepreneurs should be and are given maximum independence. The recently adopted decisions, laws and orders aim to ensure that no-one is in the way of entrepreneurs, to remove artificial barriers and to enable entrepreneurs to work on their own and in a comfortable environment, invest in our country, create jobs and further improve the business environment in Azerbaijan. Today, we are creating conditions to improve the business environment. There is political will, laws are amended, new rules are applied and, of course, public oversight should get even stronger. In some cases, entrepreneurs are faced with injustices. There are interferences in their work, they are faced with unreasonable demands and asked for illegal payments. We must end this and we will. In all cases, both administrative measures and penalties will be continued. The people hampering businesses are betraying Azerbaijan, because the successful development of our country depends on the development of businesses. There is public policy and political will of the President. Therefore, state bodies should not create obstacles. On the contrary, they must help and create conditions and opportunities for businesses to develop. Most of the work here is done at the expense of the state and the State Oil Company, so that our industrial potential could develop. Private companies will also work here, take advantage of these opportunities, expand their activities, earn profits and re-invest them in Azerbaijan. This is our policy. I want to say again that the policy of Azerbaijan in this direction is quite clear. I have repeatedly warned and want to say it again: those who do not understand words will be punished. Both the public and entrepreneurs are seeing that steps are already being taken. Therefore, the commissioning of such giant plants at a time when the world is in crisis, the attraction of investment and our development in the economic sphere demonstrate the power of Azerbaijan. No-one can stand in our way because ours is the path of development, progress, social welfare and social justice. The fight against corruption and bribery will be continued in the future too. State bodies interfering with the activity of businesses will continue to be penalized. The public is already seeing and will see that in the future. We have a very strong political will. It is underpinned by the Azerbaijani people. The people welcome our initiatives, endorse and support them. We can’t do anything without this support. I am confident that we will finish 2015 with success. “SOCAR Polymer\", the foundation of which I have laid here today, is one of the largest investment projects not only in Azerbaijan but also in the region. I am sure that this great example will be followed by other institutions. I am urging all businessmen to invest in Azerbaijan. If there is interference in their work, I want to tell them to immediately inform us and speak up. Public control in society should be even more potent. Each signal is investigated and, if confirmed, measures are taken. I want to cordially congratulate you again. The chemical industry has entered a new phase. Sumgayit is the second largest industrial city not only in Azerbaijan but also in the South Caucasus. Today, the potential of Sumgayit is growing, unemployment is eliminated and further measures are taken to improve the city and the social sphere. I have repeatedly said that all issues of concern for the people should be eliminated. I have visited Sumgayit several times and want it to have no problems – social, infrastructure or governance. I want our people to live peacefully and safely. Sumgayit will continue to contribute to the development of industry and economy in our country. My greetings and best wishes to all the people of Sumgayit! I congratulate you again! X X X The Azerbaijani President launched the installations of hydrogenation of butylene-butadiene fraction and clear liquefied gases from sulfur compounds. After the meeting with the plant`s staff, a picture was taken. The projects of the two installations were made by the special construction bureau of \"Azerkimya\" Production Union. The annual capacity of the hydrogenation of butylene-butadiene fraction installation is 120,000 tons.

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