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Sudan recognizes Khojaly massacre as an act of genocide

The Foreign Affairs Committee of Sudan`s National Assembly has made a statement describing the Khojaly tragedy as an act of genocide.
The statement recognizes “the mass massacre of Azerbaijani civilians in the town of Khojaly in February 1992 as an act of genocide and crime against humanity in accordance with the Cairo Final Communique of the 12 session of Islamic Summit Conference, February 2013.”
Referring to the United Nations Security Council resolutions and taking into consideration the decisions taken by the Foreign Ministers of the Islamic Cooperation Organization in Abu Dhabi on 18 January 2011, the Committee condemns “the arbitrary killings” of Khojaly town civilians in February 1992 as well as the aggressions against Azerbaijan, and reaffirms that acquisition of territory by use of force is inadmissible under the charter of the United Nations and the international law.
The statement also urges strict implementation of the UN Security Council resolutions and calls for “immediate, full and unconditional” withdrawal of the armed forces of Armenia from occupied territories of Azerbaijan including its Nagorno-Karabakh region.
The Committee also voices support for “the position of the relatives of the victims of Khojaly killings to receive a just fair and judicious compensation commensurating with the material and moral loss incurred on them”.
It also urges a peaceful settlement of the dispute between Azerbaijan and Armenia and calls to honor the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan.

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