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Egyptian jounalist Nasser Hussein writes about his trip to Azerbaijan

As we all know, Azerbaijan is one of the six countries and language Turkish and Azeri a course in the continents of Asia and Europe, particularly in the Caucasus region Eurasia "any Europe and Asia, the Caspian Sea and nearby Iran, Georgia, Turkey, Russia and Armenia.

The Azerbaijani architecture typically combines elements of East and West. Many ancient architectural masterpieces such as Virgo and Alcheroanchahat palace in the walled city of Baku is still alive until now. Include the sites listed on the World Heritage List of UNESCO protected Gobustan and the Temple of Fire in Baku and Momcin Khatun Mausoleum and the Palace of boxes complainant in Sheki.



As I knew from my friends Azerbaijanis or Azeris - short - the population of Azerbaijan did not exceed about 9 million and a half people, but this number is enough to not use any labor or skills and disciplines rare from other countries Wahl country who are fluent in all professions and skills, and in spite of the high price of the national currency, "AZN" and equivalent to about $ 1.27, reflecting the strength of the Azerbaijani economy, there are places where the public markets for the products of the clothes at a cheap price and tourist markets there next to historic places.

Of course Ivot for any visitor to the Azeri capital of Baku wander in the yard, "Azinaft" which was named after the company name "Azinaft" historical

Azeri women and look sharp intelligently and beauty queens with humility and remarkable paper

Of course, the carpet is a symbol of the craft and art of Azerbaijan and one under the orbit of generations can imagine how difficult it is to get silk from silkworms and manufactured Kckheot carpet industry, which require years of work.


<p dir="\&quot;RTL\&quot;" style="\&quot;text-align:" left;\"=""> Finally, the Azaúr Azerbaijan will not feel strange calm center of the country and its people welcome the diversity of cultures and feel like you are then you are in an Arab country European Turkish Islami Asian global

As they say beauty in Baku, Azerbaijan and in half the world

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